Alquería de Morayma is made up of a work team whose daily actions are carried out with a high vocation of service to clients, based on the following principles:

  • We are committed to know and meet the requirements of our customers, know the keys to improve the services offered in ALQUERIA DE MORAYMA and the destination offer. For this reason, what matters us most is the opinion of all the people who pass through our hotel, taking into account each opinion, both positive and negative, that comes to us through the satisfaction surveys in each of the rooms and apartments of the hotel, transforming each constructive criticism into a challenge.
  • Our service must be coherent and homogeneous. The accommodation and restaurant service must be perceived globally. At ALQUERÍA DE MORAYMA we intend to transmit a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, where our clients can feel at home, always with respect and kindness in our services. The cleaning of our houses and rooms is a reference in the area for both the very good quality products and the good knowledge of our employees.
  • We are committed to continuously improve the quality of the service provided to our customers, always being consistent with their reality. For us, personal integrity is fundamental, as an expression of discipline, order, respect, honesty and enthusiasm, and in this way we want to convey it to our clients.
  • Raise awareness among all the people working at and visiting ALQUERIA DE MORAYMA of good environmental practices. That’s why we count both in rooms and in common areas with informative posters of small actions that can help an environmental improvement, and we think that if both the staff of our company and our clients follow the recommendations or requests made, we can preserve and maintain this unique environment. On our part at ALQUERIA DE MORAYMA we have initiatives such as recycling of glass, used oil and batteries, among others. We have also repopulated a large part of the environment with native trees and plants, always seeking balance.
  • Offer quality service and quality products. That is why our menu rescues and fuses the gastronomy of the area, offering seasonal products and at its best conditions. In our wine list we count and bet on wineries in Alpujarra – Contraviesa, wines of very good quality.
  • Quality is the responsibility of all personnel involved in the process, whether direct or indirect. All our workers have full knowledge of the responsibilities that the position implies and we are aware of an individual and team work trying to be free of errors.
  • To provide the resources, human and material, necessary to reduce the number of errors, both in  in the production process and the customer service, based on the principles of continuity, constant adaptation, neutrality and transparency.
  • Implement an efficient and professionalized way of working, managing available resources with responsibility and honesty and establishing a favorable work climate through continuous improvement in horizontal and vertical communication channels.
  • Make all of ALQUERIA DE MORAYMA’s team leaders in the implementation and continuous compliance of the quality management system, and in the motivation of all staff by assigning resources and appointing the authorities and necessary responsibilities. That is why we are committed to training our own and our employees by learning the best quality techniques and knowing Sierra Nevada, the Alpujarra and the ecological products of our land.
  • Establish this quality policy as a frame of reference to define, periodically, its quality objectives.

This Quality Policy will be reviewed by the managers, annually, during the System Review in order to adapt it to the reality of the organization.

Likewise, the means deemed appropriate will be set for its dissemination among all the staff, as well as any other person who requests it, related to ALQUERIA DE MORAYMA.